Being A Parent And Being Fashionable – Can The Two Really Go Hand In Hand?

For some parents, being fashionable just isn’t on their agenda. They try and look the best they can, but they were never really into fashion and wearing the latest trends before they had a child, so it’s not a major issue that they can’t keep up with the modern styles now that they’ve got a little one running around.

There are parents at the other end of the scale completely, however and as they adored being seen in the latest fashion trends, when they found out that they had a child coming along, they had a few moments where they panicked, wondering how they were going to fit their fashion lifestyles around their new parenting ones.

And whilst some parents who fall into this group might give up completely and feel just as happy in their tracksuit bottoms and jumper now they’re a parent as they did when they were wearing the latest fashion labels, this isn’t the only route available to new parents – it’s simply amending your styles and your outlook.

One of the first things you have to do as a parent who wants to look fashionable is to stop trying to keep up with the latest trends as soon as they’re out and instead get some staple items into your wardrobe.

Jeans are a perfect example.

An item of clothing that is highly unlikely to go out of fashion, you can dress them up or down and they’re just as suitable for making you look fashionable and trendy whilst pushing the stroller through the park as they are when teamed with a pair of heels for a night out on the town.

The other important point to consider is that rather than buying fashion accessories for you, you need to be buying fashion accessories that are useful for your baby and you as a parent.

And this is actually a whole lot easier than you might think.

Using pushchairs and prams as examples, many of the leading manufacturers work with designers from around the world to ensure that not only are their pushchairs and prams safe for baby and ergonomically suited for the parent, but that they’re fashionable and stylish, too.

The same applies to baby changing bags and they are no longer just bags for parents to stuff nappies and milk bottles into, instead being bags that double up as trendy satchels and over the should bags.

Being a Mum or Dad doesn’t mean that you have to commit crimes against fashion and all it requires is for you to simply think a little about what you’re buying – in terms of both your clothes and your baby products.

The Popularity of Fashion Blogs

The Internet is chock full of them – fashion blogs of different shapes and forms, expounding on the merits of skinny jeans versus boyfriend jeans. Or why pink is the new black and all that jazz. Going online these days means getting your fill (whether you like it or not) of the latest fashion trends by way of fashion blogs.

Perhaps some people would argue that fashion is not that important and it’s something they can do without. However, if you think about it, fashion has always been part of our lives – it has always greatly influenced society and culture, mainly because it is made possible by factors like the weather, the environment and more significantly, by an individual’s personal experiences, beliefs and values.

Fashion even helped define certain eras in history which involved class discrimination, the thin line between royalty and non-royalty and even social dressing restrictions. In the old days in Western Europe, government regulations prevented the bourgeoisie from dressing up in fine clothes so they wouldn’t look like royalty. In China, the dragon was considered a symbol of the emperor and thus, should not be worn by non-royals. During World War II, the length of American women’s skirts was restricted due to fabric rations. It just goes to show, fashion has always been a major influence in our life and that we’ve always lived with it – we just didn’t know it.

Today’s fashion-conscious people or fashionistas, as they are fondly referred to, live with fashion in different ways. They use fashion blogs as a means to check out new trends not to be perceived as cool or in, but to know what people on the streets are wearing. Fashion bloggers themselves have a firm grip on the latest styles and shy away from those that lean towards the “outrageously expensive” and suggest instead, what is cheap but chic.

Another reason fashion bloggers are popular is because they themselves were once fashion outs – outsiders who, due to their persistence and perseverance in gaining an upper hand over the so-called “snobs” in the fashion industry, have become lauded insiders. They send the fashion world spinning with their honest takes on this season’s collections via honest and real takes on the current trends and how the ordinary folk may be able to carry them off.

They also possess a myriad of talents from which they derive even more influence for their blogs. Some of them host fashion events or dress the windows of the world’s most famous and finest fashion storefronts. Still, others shoot look books and even walk the catwalk themselves. Such is the success of fashion blogging that even other major industries like advertising, want a piece of the action. Because fashion bloggers are faithfully followed by women everywhere, they have become potent personalities whose words are read and taken to heart like one would the Bible. And advertisers and retailers are eager to get their products moved in big ways.

Yes, fashion blogs are here to stay. In fact, it can be safely said that they are slowly but surely replacing magazine editors as the leaders of style and fashion. Fashion blogging is one industry where the huge payoffs outweigh all the risks – fashion bloggers may very well be the fashion world’s answer to high corporate earners in the world of business who make business suits look good.